Daring To Be Uncomfortable

November 3, 2017

In a world full of diverse cultures, incredible people, and wondrous creations, why is it that we sit still in little bubbles of security and familiarity?

I think the answer is simple: It’s easy.

Living outside the confines of our safety nets means taking unpredictable ventures. It’s more challenging to make friends who don’t have the same beliefs or values we do. There’s a weight of insecurity that comes along with exposing ourselves to new parts of the world, new jobs, new relationships, etc. When life becomes routine, we start to get comfortable. No one wants to mess that up, right?

What if I told you that intentionally becoming uncomfortable with my surroundings has drastically redefined my faith? Taking risks has reeled me in closer to Jesus because there have been times that ALL I knew to do was rely on Him for strength.

It’s true. The moment I let go of my selfish desire to be comfortable, the Lord revealed a whole new world to me. A world full of love, possibilities, dreams, and tender hearts of humans.

The Lord revealed a whole new world to me. | forthejoyministries.com

I mean, in actuality, how on earth can we share the light of Jesus to lost people if we are keeping His goodness within our same familiar circles? How can we follow the message in Acts 1:8 to make the Holy Spirit known in all corners of the globe if we just sit still?

As Isaiah 40:6 reminds us… We are a light to all nations. We should live with a passion to spread that light to every tribe, language, and people.

I get it. Jesus already feels so alive and present in that corporate worship setting. He is evidently moving in the people He brings to their knees at the altar on Sunday mornings. God is working in the hearts of Bible study members every Tuesday night. So where else would we feel the need to go seek and share Him?

It should be no surprise to us that Jesus dwells in the most “unexpected” places. He is in the trial room with every convict and felon. He’s sitting with your roommate as she hangs over the toilet after she drank way too much at the bar. He is with the beggar who goes ignored daily at the corner of your street. He walks alongside the people who you disagree with — even the ones who support worldly lusts and passion. Why? Because He loves and He forgives.

So, beloved readers, I have a charge for you today. Be bold in word and deed. Walk past the lines you normally don’t cross — just for the sake of spreading Jesus’s name further and higher. Fear not, because God is with you. All you have to do is simply show up. The relentless love of Yahweh will pour through you like a mighty rushing river when you open your heart for Him to use your life as a vessel.

Away with the excuses and the trepidation, it’s time to totally surrender our lives to the One who tediously and lovingly created our innermost being.


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  • Stella Walker

    What a wonderful message! I will move past my comfort zone today! Thanks for reminding me that God is love to ALL people!

    November 3, 2017 at 7:06 am Reply
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