Thoughts on Being a Christian Woman

February 8, 2018

Being a strong, independent, fearless, impressive, successful, healthy, popular female is a constant, unreachable goal for many women, young and old. I find myself, as a 23-year-old, feeling pressure just from the habit of checking social media. You are blasted with images of women who are portrayed as “sexy” or “fun.” Or, you see groups of women who seem to have it all figured out. Their life seems seamless.

It’s a time of feminism. It’s a time of equality. It’s a time of being authentic while trying to fit in on every level of life. Amidst all that life has going on, I ask myself, what kind of woman am I? Being a woman in today’s world can feel like constant competition. If you’re not competing with other women, you’re competing with yourself. How successful can you be? How much can you handle at one time? When is the right time to start a family? What image are you portraying on social media?

What if this isn’t an advice-type of blog post? What if this is asking you, woman to woman, what being a Christian woman in today’s world means to you?

How can we translate being strong and fearless to the world, with being strong and fearless for our faith? How can we translate our beauty we try to display to others into the beauty within us, that is, the Love of Christ? What if we supported other women, not only because world progression wants us to, but because we want to reach other women? What if we showed other women the unconditional, non-judgmental love of Christ? What if we befriended the young woman we see that makes us uncomfortable? What if we shared our struggles on a more personal level?

We, as women, are created to be leaders, supporters, and so much more. We can bring life into this world and support our spouses, and we have so many rights fought for us throughout history. So why is it still so important to us to fit into a mold? What if we saw each other as puzzle pieces that all fit perfectly into one puzzle, and that puzzle is the kingdom of God?

I want to personally take on changing my view of other women. I want to exude the love of God to others. I feel it is so incredibly important for us to be that change for other people. There are women who have never heard the Love of God. There are women who feel they’re hopeless. There are women homeless. There are young women who think they aren’t good enough. There are young women who are suicidal. This is not okay.

It’s time for our confidence to come from God. It’s time for us to stand together to lift one another up. Let’s have each other’s backs. We are a vital part of the Kingdom — each one of us.

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I once had a vivid dream that I was walking with a woman, in her thirties or forties, and we were holding a piece of paper and hugging in celebration of her getting a job. Her son was holding her other hand and hugging us as well. He was in his teens. She was wearing a beautiful dress and she looked full of joy.

I didn’t have an explanation for this dream, but if you’ve ever had a dream you cannot forget about, this was it. I kept wondering, what did this mean? I knew there was more to it, but I didn’t know any more about it for months.

I spent some time alone with Jesus on a long drive one day, and it was all revealed to me. God wants me to start a home for women and their children. We will house them, counsel them, and lead them on the road to recovery from whatever lifestyle they want to change. We’ll teach them how to take care of a household, responsibility, and get them into apartments and job interviews. While they work, we’ll help them manage their money, so they can learn to save and manage on their own. We will also have child care and tutoring while they work so that they can be on the right track without worry.

In the dream I had, we were celebrating her landing a job. Seems impossible, right? I still feel overwhelmed since I’ve had this dream almost four years ago. I keep wondering how it’s going to happen. How can I be prepared to handle all those things? How will I start something up like that? It’s a huge dream, but it’s a passion of mine and it’s something I want to become a reality.

What if we were celebrated because we are children of God who share the similar struggles, but also have incredible destinies? |

So, in my observation of today’s social standards and what we flood our newsfeed with daily, I can’t help but think to myself, what if we did more than clicked “like” on Instagram? What if there was a real sense of belonging and communion from woman to woman? What if we were celebrated because we are children of God who share the similar struggles, but also have incredible destinies?


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