What if I can’t forgive myself?

January 11, 2018


We can all have a past that haunts us.

Have you done something you’re not proud of? I know I have. I have let shame rule me for years before. It wasn’t until I was forgiven that I could forgive myself and be set free.

A lot of the shame I felt came from the fear of what others thought of me. The judgment of others kept me stuck. In the midst of the shame I  lost the sense of who I was.  I no longer knew who I belonged to. But, once I heard the Word of God and understood how I am forgiven, I felt the Holy Spirit.

His love rushed over me and I felt the burdens lift off me.  I understood that He takes me as I am, faults and mistakes. What a huge revelation.

I spent time with God, one on one, and He revealed to me how important it is for me to forgive myself. I needed to allow myself to be set free. The judgmental words of others no longer held any power.

I want to encourage our readers, of all ages, to know that what you’ve done will not make Jesus love you any less. Lay your shame and guilt at the feet of Jesus and be forgiven.



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